Sony Infects Computers

This isn’t “new” news, but I’ve been surprised how many people are unaware of the Sony CD fiasco going on currently. It seems DRM doesn’t piss people off until it bites them in the ass. What is this DRM stuff? Ask the Electronic Frontier Foundation:

“At issue are two software technologies – SunnComm’s MediaMax and First4Internet’s Extended Copy Protection (also known as XCP) – which Sony BMG claims to have placed on the music CDs to restrict consumer use of the music on the CDs but which in truth do much more, including monitoring customer listening of the CDs and installing undisclosed and in some cases hidden files on users’ computers that can expose users to malicious attacks by third parties, all without appropriate notice and consent from purchasers. The CDs also condition use of the music on unconscionable licensing terms in the End User Licensing Agreement (EULA).”

In plain English? Listen to a Sony CD, get a virus. Oh, and Sony has access to all of your personal information. And other virus writers can take advantage of the holes Sony opens in your computer. But, can’t you simply remove the dangerous software? Well, if you use the uninstaller Sony provides – it makes the situation worse (any webpage that wants to can do pretty much anything to your computer).

I hope the lawsuits do something (hell, anything) about this situation, but I’m not holding my breath.

EFF: Sony BMG Litigation


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