Bubble Bobble

Do you remember Bubble Bobble? If not, it was an adorable Nintendo game involving cute lizards that trapped enemies with bubbles. Moreover, the cute lizards went on to be involved in many more games.

Head on over to VG cats for a fun moment. 🙂

VG Cats – 180 – Indigestion


2 thoughts on “Bubble Bobble

  1. i was thinking of this game but i’m not sure if it’s the same, i was thinking of a game i really liked, it’s about dinosaurs that fight thier enemies with bubbles, but i really don’t know the name but the dinosaurs look like the ones in bubble bobble. if you find it i’ll be so happy and i’ll be so thankful for you if you help me. pleas help!

  2. It looks like Bubble Bobble is going for about $15 on ebay right now. You’ll need an NES to play it. I recommend the second generation top loading one (no fiddling around with cartridges to get them to work).

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