Stupid People Should Not Have Children

You know, if only some people could realize how silly they sound.

“‘He was really into “Jurassic Park,”‘ his mother recalled. The trouble was, ‘we kept reading over and over that “millions and millions of years ago, dinosaurs roamed the Earth,”‘ Marjorie Rogers continued. ‘And that’s where I said, “Hmm — wait a second.”‘

Like others who adhere to a literal reading of the Book of Genesis, Rogers, a lawyer, believes that the Earth is several thousand years old, while most scientists, basing their estimates on the radioactive decay of rock samples, say the planet is billions of years old.

Rogers soon began a quest to challenge what she sees as educators’ blind faith in evolution.”

Now, let’s analyze this bit here. An oh so obvious genius, this woman, is bothered because her child watched Jurassic Park. Why? A magical book told her so. And of course, the people whose evidence is radioactive decay of rock samples are taking things on faith.

Well, at least we all have another reason to dislike lawyers.

Evolution fight puts suburb in spotlight


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