Your Taxpayer Dollars At Work

“The Rubios have gained considerable support as word of the controversy has spread. However, Jim Boulet, executive director of the Virginia-based group English First, says the school did the right thing in suspending the high school student. ‘Let’s face facts here; if the kid had been saying in Spanish, “The bomb is around the corner,” the school would be held liable for not knowing that,’ the English language advocate asserts.”

Uhm. Yeah. Speaking Spanish is apparently also a crime now. Understand this: I’m 100% in favor of making English the official language of the United States. It’s already the de facto language of business for the world. But that does not mean I want to ban other languages. So a student in a hall speaking Spanish gets him suspended. Good job Kansas – you get the ass-retard state of the week award. Acutally, after you redefined the word science, I think you now officially represent everything I hate about the United States.

American Family Association – AgapePress news


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