What Kids Are Actually Abusing

Tired of getting carded while buying cold medicine? Take a look at the drugs kids are actually abusing:

“Although modest declines also were found for amphetamines, methamphetamine, steroids and alcohol, researchers were troubled by the steady rates of high abuse for prescription painkillers.

In 2005, 9.5 percent of 12th graders reported using Vicodin and 5.5 reported using OxyContin within the past year.

‘Considering the addictive potential of (OxyContin),’ Johnston said, ‘these are disturbing high rates of use.'”

The only thing I find more disturbing than people randomly abusing synthetic heroin without concern for side effects, is the anti-drug crusaders who seem to have no problem with this. These prescription drugs are dangerous, but far easier to get ahold of then pot.

ABC News: Survey: Decline in Teen Smoking Slowing, Prescription Drug Use Up


One thought on “What Kids Are Actually Abusing

  1. As if this actually came as a shock to you. If you take a close hard look around this country you’ll see that this is the acceptable way of dealing with life’s everyday problems. The country we live in is one I consider a symptomatic one. If there is a problem “we”, that is the common people of this country, quickly run to get something to relive the symptoms. For example “Ohh I’m tired, I know I’ll get some ephedrine.” Or “I have a headache, wait I’ve got aspirin.” In both of those incidents the person’s body was telling them to rest and recoup, you’re tired because you’re exhausted or you have a headache because you’re dehydrated, the intelligent thing to do would be to analyze the situation and try to treat the cause of the problem not the symptoms of it.

    Moving on touching just slightly on how this is advanced if you looking at statistics. One person in seven living in the US will require professional help for a psychological disorder at some time in their life. (1) That number was taken in 1993, having taken that into account and now adding the steadily increasing rates in which Drug Therapy was used as the only form of treatment for Abnormal Psychology (As taken by the APA), I find myself living in a frightening world.

    This world consists of parents who have no idea how to raise children and take care of them. Let alone themselves. Nowadays if a parent has a child with excessive energy instead of letting them go play outside they take them to a psychiatrist and shove ritilian down their throats.

    Mr. Lazyass: “But hey little Johnny is doing so much better in school with his meds.”
    Me: “No shit Mr. Lazyass, why don’t you try to eat five hits of speed and then not
    pay attention.”
    Mr. Lazyass: “He needs his meds”
    Me: “Yes, just as much as you need your xanax and soma.”
    Mr. Lazyass: “My doctor gave me those to help me sleep”
    Me: “I’ve got an idea to help you sleep just lay off the fucking coke.”

    Now my dear children that dialogue hopefully cleared up my ranting that may have been becoming confusing. If you want to disagree with me and say I don’t know what I’m talking about take that complaint somewhere else. I’ve seen countless psychiatrists, psychologists, and have been hospitalized more times then I can count. This statement is not in anyway trying to discredit mental health problems in anyway. It is simply stating that if you’re too lazy to take care of you’re kids then you shouldn’t have had them. Now you want to send little Johnny to rehab for taking Vicodin, well shit Mr. and Mrs. Lazyass if you hadn’t been popping them the whole time Johnny’s been alive or shoveling pills down his throat he probably wouldn’t even consider taken them. Worst-case scenario in you heads was that Johnny might have smoked a little bit of pot. Well Ladies and Gentlemen welcome to the real fucking world.

    (1) Atkinson, Rita L. et al. Introduction to Psychology. Fort Worth: Harcourt Brace Jovanovich Inc., 1993.

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