The NES Reincarnated

“Today’s the day when you wish you had fed that retro-gaming monkey on your back with some real carts instead of those quick hit ROMs. Messiah has released their Generation NEX console, a NES/Famicom re-release dressed up with some of the technological niceties our great society has developed over the past 20 years. For everyone that still has a few boxes of NES (or Famicom) carts tucked away in a closet, the Generation NEX is all the reason you should need to break them out and start playing the old classics again.”

This looks cool as hell. I’m still a bit torn over how cool this exactly is. The top-loading NES reissue by Nintendo was a beautiful idea. This has some points over that (now dated) machine, but without actually having both in hand, I can’t tell you how they compare. If anyone picks up one of these, drop a review comment please. 🙂

IGN: The NES Reincarnated


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