Posting Images in Wordpress

Thanks to Medusa for pointing this group/company out. I figured I might be able to lend some help. However, I have to register to make a comment – that always is an irritant. So I’ll just do a ping instead. 🙂

“this stupid blog wont let us post a picture. or will it and i just dont know how? well it doesnt take html— that’s all i know. if someone knows how to post pictures on this blog let me know.”

The way I’ve been doing it is to drop an image in wp-content, and then just add the image tag to my post. Crude, but effective. It would be far easier simply to have an image Quicktag in the writing bit. Though that doesn’t solve “easy to upload.”

“I’m no expert on WordPress, but it seems that you have do something like this to get images:

I hope you figure it out. I like pictures.

Comment by jimsvice — December 16, 2005 @ 11:11 am”

Looks interesting (thanks jimsvice!), but seems overly complicated. I firmly believe it should simply be an image quicktag with a upload box somewhere on the editing page. I can whine all I want – as we say in the Free Software world – show us the code.

Hopefully, I’ll get bored this weekend and throw something together.

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A little bit of research yielded an interesting resource…


WordPress 2.0 has support for image uploading.


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