Ethical Atheist’s Ten Commandments

A different spin on the ten commandments:

“8. Thou SHALT follow a Personal Code of Ethics.

Everyone should have their own personal code of ethics that drives their behavior. What this contains is an individual undertaking, but current laws are a good starting point. Many of the commandments of the Bible can be summarized by this commandment. For example, it should be self-evident that murder, lying and stealing should be avoided and honoring your mother and father are necessary, assuming of course that they are worthy of this respect (e.g.. they are not beating or raping you). In general, a personal code of ethics would not cause harm to others, would be anchored in truth and would strive to make society a better place.”

I think this is truly the essence of a solid moral platform. Every person needs to decide for themself what is right and what is wrong. Mine works a little bit more like the laws of robotics:

  • Survive.
  • Embrace truth and reject falsehood except where in conflict with the zeroth law.
  • Do not harm others except where in conflict with the first law.
  • Enjoy and embrace life except where in conflict with the second law.

Ethical Atheist’s Ten Commandments


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