Wisconsin Sidesteps Electronic Voting Accountability

Via Slashdot:

Madison, Wis. — Among the 15 bills governor Jim Doyle signed into law on Wednesday will require the software of touch-screen voting machines used in elections have its source code opened up to public viewing.

The bill passed the Assembly 91-4 and the Senate 29-2.”

Time to go write letters / emails thanking my representatives. Wisconsin has long been known for its “frugality,” and this is a wonderful example of a logically conservative policy. Don’t you want to know how your votes are being tallied?

Voting machine source code must be made open | WTN


Ok. I should have known it was too good to be true. Apparently, the code will be held in escrow in case of a recount. Yeah. That does not make me feel any better. Why would you want to hide the code in the first place (it’s not like Diebold makes their money selling code)? Especially for a voting machine?


More info from:

Black Box Voting


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