Judge Under Fire For Helping People

What is justice?

“But Judge Cashman said the 60-day sentence guaranteed that Hulett would get into sex offender rehabilitation quickly or face a possible life sentence. He said he had no choice because the Corrections Department classified Hulett as a low risk offender meaning he can’t get treatment until he’s out of jail.”

The goal of a correctional instituion, one would assume, is to correct people. However, this furor illustrates that for many, justice is equivalent to vengence. Perhaps it is worth looking at why the offender could not receive treatment while incarcerated. We already know that jails / prisons do not help prevent further crime. And furthermore, if Hulett denies treatment, he faces a life sentence. It seems like a win-win scenario to me. Either way, one less child rapist.

Sex Offender Sentence Criticized


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