The Joys of Nazi Tactics

The HJ’s were famous for convincing their members to report any anti-State activities (of members of the community, and even family members) to the Party to ensure that “suspicious” activities were monitored:

“But in another posting, it is clear just where on the spectrum the group thinks the bias might fall. ‘One aspect of this radicalisation, outlined here, is an unholy alliance between anti-war professors, radical Muslim students and a pliant administration. Working together, they have made UCLA a major organising centre for opposition to the war on terror.'”

Apparently, the radical right is adopting this technique to ensure that no anti-American commie traitors are warping the minds of our youth. Witch hunts are bad. For everyone. While one day you may be on the “correct” side of the dogma, who knows if you’ll be the next suspicious traitor?

Guardian Unlimited | Special reports | Rightwing group offers students $100 to spy on professors


2 thoughts on “The Joys of Nazi Tactics

  1. Something has gone wrong when the university administrators don’t manage standards themselves. This is why it has escalated to public notice.

    It’s arse backwards to think that the lecturers need all this free speech protection, when it is the students who have the right to an education without blatant indoctrination and timewasting.

    So, I can’t blame the students, as consumers of educational services, trying to improve the quality by cutting the dross (who’s got the time to humour blowhards riding hobbyhorses? – blogs aside).

    The idea that I might be the next is a feature not a bug. Which is why this debate is orthogonal to “Evolution v. Intelligent Design”. I want teachers outed as ID’iots so that i can go elsewhere for a biology education.

  2. That of course assumes that said organization is actually trying to fight a bias (rather than a perceived bias). As a great example, I had not realized how far “left” my political beliefs had become until I had exited the academic enviornment. Bit of a bucket of water over the head. 🙂 However, the mere description of the types of “bias” this organization is looking to fight destroys their position of fighting extremist views. One extreme can illustrate another – but is one extreme better than another?

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