Homelessness is a Power Law Distribution

“But enormous sums of money are already being spent on the chronically homeless, and Culhane saw that the kind of money it would take to solve the homeless problem could well be less than the kind of money it took to ignore it. Murray Barr used more health-care dollars, after all, than almost anyone in the state of Nevada. It would probably have been cheaper to give him a full-time nurse and his own apartment.”

And the apartment works, too. With appropriate monitoring and structure, it is actually cheaper to directly fix homelessness than try to cope with it. But where should the money come from?

Negative Income Tax with a Guaranteed Minimum Income.

If you check into (or are remanded by the courts to) a “homelessness rehabilitation” program, you lose the right to manage your GMI, and instead, the program manages it for you using it to pay for the services necessary. No more welfare, soup kitchens, shelters, etc. All gone. Not overnight, mind you, but with time we can really change the world.

The New Yorker: Fact


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