Medical Solutions in Search of Problems

“The NIH has designated $88 million for the period 2007-10 to fund research both inside and outside the institute. The money will go toward development of wearable sensors that measure exposure to environmental toxins, such as solvents, pesticides, and heavy metals.

The funds will also support the development of sensors to determine if exposure to toxins triggers biochemical pathways linked to disease, such as inflammation or cell death, in some individuals. Ultimately, these technologies will be incorporated into genetic studies to understand the link between genes, the environment, and disease.”

No, they won’t. Why? This is a solution in search of a problem. There is the off-chance that through random chance, the “scientists” might come up with something… but I don’t think it’s likely. There is no experiment here. No controls. No comparative information. No isolation of variables. Instead, this project assumes that environmental toxins cause a variety of problems.


That’s an oh so narrow hypothesis. How in the hell are you suppossed to falsify it? Especially by collecting data from case studies (ala the sensors). CASE STUDIES!!! At least they aren’t sending out surveys to “prove” their idea.

Man, I wish I could get $88 million for something this useless.

The Impact of Emerging Technologies: Why Cancer Strikes Some – Technology Review


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