Senate Approves Raping of Americans’ Rights

“The Senate overwhelmingly rejected an effort Thursday to block renewing the Patriot Act, the 2001 law passed weeks after the Sept. 11 attacks to help the government hunt down terrorists.

The 96-3 vote was no suprise to Sen. Russell Feingold, the Wisconsin Democrat who was the lone senator to oppose the law four and a half years ago and is the chief obstacle to extending 16 provisions now due to expire March 10.

Feingold, who is exploring seeking his party’s presidential nomination in 2008, plans to make the Senate spend several more days on the bill and complained that Majority Leader Bill Frist had used procedural maneuvers to prevent him from trying to amend the bill.”

Great… Secret courts? Gag orders? Fishing expeditions?

I’m seriously starting to think Venezuela may be right in calling us the new Reich. Luckily, some people are trying to stand up for US citizens and their rights. I wrote an email to Feingold when he initially opposed the Patriot Act, thanking him (whatever his reasons) for doing the right thing.

I’m going to take the time here to publically thank him, once again, for trying his damndest to serve his constituents (of which I am one) and the American people as a whole.

As a side note, if he does run for president in ’08, it might be enough to sway my vote away from the Libertarians. | News, search and shopping from the Houston Chronicle


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