Cyborg Conservatives Fight War On Freedom?!?!?

“It is 2021, tomorrow is the 20th anniversary of 9/11. America is under oppression by ultra-liberal extremists who have surrendered governing authority to the United Nations. Hate speech legislation called the ‘Coulter Laws’ have forced vocal conservatives underground. A group of bio-mechanically enhanced conservatives led by Sean Hannity, G. Gordon Liddy, Oliver North, and a young man born on September 11, 2001, set out to thwart Ambassador Usama bin Laden’s plans to nuke New York City.”




I just vomited in my mouth. What sort of fucked up irrationality leads someone to even dream this shit up? And if it wasn’t for the oppressive “ultra-liberal extremists,” they wouldn’t even have the freedom of speech to make that comic. Part of me hopes the Republi-Nazis stay on a roll. Give the people a real solid taste of oppression. Then maybe you’ll understand how you blissfully surrendered your rights – and what the ultimate cost is. Never forget: Hitler didn’t conquer Germany.

ACC Studios: News


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