“Welcome to —the url is a bit unwieldy, I realize, and I have no one to blame for that but myself. I foolishly neglected to buy the more obvious domain name——before I wrote about it in my column. By the time I decided to get a domain name, the good url was gone. Too bad, so sad.

If you’re just joining us, you’re probably wondering what ITMFA all about. Well, it stands for ‘impeach the motherfucker already,’ which, er, I guess you kinda had to know if you found your way to this website. I’m your host, Dan Savage, and I’m the author of Savage Love, a widely syndicated sex advice column. I have been advising people in shit relationships to DTMFA for years (‘dump the motherfucker already’) and a Savage Love reader suggested that I attempt to popularize ITMFA.”

Is he going to get impeached? No. But at least when you see another person sporting some tasty ITMFA merch, you can sympathize with each other regarding how much the next three years are going to suck.



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