Immigration Protest = Nuclear Attack?

Wow, we’ve got a bright principal here. Definitely taking the pal out of principal.

“As students from neighboring secondary schools walked out of class recently to protest immigration legislation, one Inglewood elementary school imposed a lockdown so severe that some students were barred from using the restroom. Instead, they used buckets placed in classroom corners or behind teachers’ desks.”

And later in the article…

“School board member Johnny J. Young defended the principal’s decision, though he said that having children go to the bathroom in buckets was an extreme, one-time situation.

Young said that ‘a large percentage’ of parents were satisfied with the principal’s decision and expressed those sentiments during the school board meeting.

‘They’d prefer to have students safe than stand in harm’s way,’ he said.”

Yeah. We don’t care about privacy. As long as we’re safe. From some unspecified threat. That’s non-existant. Did the principal think angry Mexicans were going to break into the school lobbing handheld nukes? Lapse of judgement? How about a complete and utter lack of concern for civil liberties not to mention rational thought. At least it appears some of the teachers at said school were bright enough to ignore the principal.

The saddest part of it all: most of the parents really do not care.

Campus Lockdown Appalls Parents – Los Angeles Times


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