I’m Not the Only One Who Hates RDBMS

Many coders after writing their first non-trivial apps realize they need some form of persistent data storage. Now where is one to look? There’s this nifty invention I heard about. Worried about row-level locking slowing things down? Not a problem. Don’t want to waste time learning a bizarre language? Don’t have to. Does the word “normalize” frighten you? Feel safe.

It’s called the FILESYSTEM.

Luckily, I’m not the only one who feels this way:

“Industry canon seems to favor RDBMS storage for everything. Logs, centralized user reg, even whole freakin’ web crawls. Maybe this is a legacy from Oracle’s phenomenal marketing machine that rolled over the valley in the 90’s, which eventually (through skillful FUD to VCs I was told) required even little startups to pay enormous sums for databases licenses. Now that great databases like mysql are free, coders are enjoying the luxury of SQL without the heavy price tag.

But I’m not much of a database guy. The lesson I took away from watching the horror of Netscape’s UREG database being down for two weeks after a RAID enclosure failure was that even fancy databases, expensive hardware and knowledgeable staff weren’t a substitute for fail-safe KISS architecture.”

And before anyone mentions it, yes I do realize I’m using WordPress and how it works…

But hey, I didn’t write it. PHP and MySQL: even if you hate the tools, someone else can do something with them.

Topix.net Weblog: Topix.net Architecture


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