The Disease Called Faith

If there’s anything I want to be quoted on after I die, it would be this:

There is no such thing as true faith without doubt.

Founding principle of science. If you don’t question, how do you know? Like Doug, I’ve gotten tired of being tolerant of those who refuse to look at the world rationaly. Religion is one big exercise in “truthiness.” What’s worse, it encourages unhygenic thinking. The more you learn to rely on faith and magical super beings, the less able you become to truly analyze a situation critically. And that’s bad. *Real* bad.

There’s lessons to be learned in the stories of most religious works, but there are lessons to be learned in Battlestar Galactica, too. Does that mean I believe the Cylons are coming to get me?

“When religions are practiced, as they are by a majority of those in developed nations, today, as a kind of nostalgic little ritual – a community event or an excuse to get together and not work – it doesn’t really screw anything up too badly. But when they radically alter our ability to contend with reality, cope with difference, or implement the most basic ethical provisions, they must be stopped.

Like any other public health crisis, the belief in religion must now be treated as a sickness. It is an epidemic, paralyzing our nation’s ability to behave in a rational way, and – given our weapons capabilities – posing an increasingly grave threat to the rest of the world. “

:: Douglas Rushkoff – Weblog ::


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