Top 100 Borg 2.0 Redesign Directives

011: All sharp angles and corners are to be removed from all Borg technology. Until such upgrades are complete, all assimilation activities are to be carried out with Borg spheres instead of cubes.

010: All Borg interfaces will be reimplemented with pastel colors. Greens will be less intense; blacks will be softened to various shades of gray. Additional note: all creepy shadows are to be replaced with drop shadows.

001: Every Borg drone will be given their own blog complete with RSS feed and AJAX powered interface. The fact that each blog will be identical is irrelevant.

000: Assimilation will no longer be forced upon unwilling species. Instead, we will convince all species that assimilation will help them “kick ass.” Possibly by offering them ponies.

Thanks to Eliezer S. Yudkowsky’s Friendly Borg FAQ for the inspiration.


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