Mugshot On Dapper

Jeff Waugh has kindly been building i386 packages for Ubuntu edgy of mugshot. I’m running dapper (and kimberly as well), so I’ve built some i386 and amd64 packages for dapper. This is my first time building debs, and I didn’t do much besides uupdate with the new sources based on Jeff’s package, so if everything blows up, erases your hard drive, eats your children, etc. I’ve warned you. 🙂

As part of this, I decided it would be fun to learn how to setup a secure apt repository.


I finally got it nailed down though (and expect an express secure apt guide from me sometime soon – UPDATE: Express Guide to Secure Apt Repositories), and everything appears to be running smoothly. To add the repository to your Ubuntu install:

1. In your home directory: wget
2. Open Synaptic Click on Settings, Repositories, and then click on the Authentication tab.
3. Click Import Key File. Select nighton_key.asc and click Ok.
4. Click on the Installation Media tab and click Add.
5. Click Custom.
6. For binary packages, type the following into the Apt Line field: deb dapper main
7. Click Add Channel.
8. Click Close.
9. Click Reload.

If you want source packages, repeat steps 4 through 9. Instead of step 6, use the following:

6. For source packages, type the following into the Apt Line field: deb-src dapper main


I just checked the Mugshot Developer’s Wiki and noticed someone else has also built dapper packages over at


Wow, that was fast. 1.1.8 is out. Packages for amd64 are in the repository now. i386 packages should be in soon.


Packages for i386 are up. Happy swarming!


4 thoughts on “Mugshot On Dapper

  1. How are you rebuilding the package to generate the .diff.gz cleanly? I got the Dapper source package files and added my patch for Muine song support[1] to “debian/patches”. It builds cleanly with “dpkg-buildpackage -rfakeroot”, but the .diff.gz file generated includes some files built during the make process that shouldn’t included in the diff (such as “mugshot-1.1.13/config/hippo/hippo-common-marshal.c”).


  2. I’m not seeing the same behavior. Here’s what I did:

    apt-get source mugshot

    I saved your patch as mugshot-1.1.13/debian/patches/02_muine-support.diff.

    In mugshot-1.1.13, dpkg-buildpackage -rfakeroot.

    The only change to the diff.gz file is the inclusion of your patch. I’m a bit puzzled because this sounds exactly like what you described as your approach. If I can give you anymore information, I’d be glad to.

  3. Mugshot with Muine works. Thank you both, for the dapper-repository and the muine patch. I am using PowerPC and build my mugshot from the “nighton-source”. Could I help to provide PowerPC packages in the nighton repository? Of course, I don’t have you secret key and the package is not signed. Contact me per mail, if their is interest. Regards, Keywan

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