Kudos To You, US Bank

If you look through the posts here, you’ll notice a certain lack of huggy-feely, Web 2.0, gushy, let’s go team posts. Usually, it’s just me viciously commenting on completely retarded things I see going on in the world. But occasionally, very occasionally, some nice thing does catch my attention.

The ATM at the branch office of the US Bank I use has been having quite the trouble lately (as in, not operating). Now, US Bank has two additional branch offices here in Kenosha, but they are both irritatingly on the other side of town from me. So, I’ve been using other ATMs for cash retrieval (very few bars here take credit cards).

Today I needed to get some quarters for laundry and remembered the little sign that was stuck on the broken ATM, promising to refund ATM fees incurred by the inconvenience. I asked the clerk, a kindly looking older woman, about this offer. She punched up my account and told me she would look through and reimburse the fees.

Now, when I saw the sign on the ATM I hadn’t taken it too seriously (I assumed they meant their fees if you use someone else’s ATM too often). To actually give back my money that other banks had taken was astounding. I mean, they’re a fucking BANK. Bank + Customer Service = My head exploding.

Don’t get me wrong, there are things that do irritate me about US Bank (after all, no matter how nice they are, it’s still a bank). But I am constantly amazed how well, comparatively, they treat their customers.

US Bank

We now return you to my regularly scheduled bitching.


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