I was thinking…

Ok. I’ll wait for you to stop laughing.

Any time now.

Feel better? Good.

So anyways, I was thinking. Too often when I rant about what is in essence Christian Nationalism, I have no quick word to describe the adherents of such a liberty-destroying philosophy. Christian, Republican, conservative, neo-conservative (and the shorter, neocon), etc. All of these words (yes, even neocon) cast the net wider than I’d like. Sure, I could say “Christian Nationalism” all of the time. I could also say “unsolicited email” instead of spam. I prefer to do neither. Hell, even the Christian Nationalists have the nonsensical “moonbat” for people who enjoy, you know, freedom.

Me being me, the first image in my mind when thinking about Christian Nationalists (see, it’s awkward to read repeatedly, too) is a bunch of fucking nazis. That’s when the light bulb went off.

National Socialism -> Nazi.

Christian Nationalism -> Chrin.

I’m going to start calling them chrins (with a K sound – if nazi can make a Z sound like a T, I can make CH sound like K).

Yay. I just invented a new derogatory term! As a bonus, it has that nice hard sound that is so easy to fill with vitriol.

Fucking chrins.


4 thoughts on “Chrins

  1. In German you pronounce the “tio” in “Nation” like a German(!) “Z”. I don’t know any English word, which sound like the German “Z”, but is more like the English “S” in “second” or , yes, like your “th” in “think” etc.

    So in German “National” sounds like “Nazional” and the next step is to make short Nazi of “National Sozialist”. Also there was is the word “Sozi” short for Socialist (Sozialist) or followers of the Social-Democratic Party of Germany (SPD) and other left-wing people. According to the German Wikipedia “Nazi” was slang for german-autrich people.m before it was used similiar to “Sozi” for follower of Hitler.

    So the Z isn’t so far away, but in German we spell CH at the beginning like a K, too. 🙂

    Even I don’t like Christian Nationalist (like every fundamentalist or nationalist) I am not really happy about the connection to the Nazis. The Nazis was something different, even though the still existing Nazis and “Chrins” share a lot of ideas and opinions…

    Regards from Germany


  2. I agree that the nazis and the chrins are not nearly on the same level of abuse of humans if for no other reason than scale and audacity. Of course, many people love to use the nazi boogeyman as a scare tactic to get their way (almost always used to justify US intervention policies – did everyone forget Kosovo?). In addition, this is an especially difficult time for Germany due to the Lebanon conflict…

    The sharing of ideas and opinions (including on policy / goals) bothers me alot. Similar rhetoric, similar scare tactics, etc., etc. The US isn’t even suffering brutal war-time reparations or economic hardships that provided the initial surge driving the nazis to the forefront. Though it sure seems that some of the chrins are deliberately trying to create a similar discontent in the populace.

    And I haven’t even started in on the “seperation of church and state” issues, yet. Just badness all around. It seems as if the chrins want some sort of Armaggedon to happen.

    Completely random side note:

    function or funktion?


  3. I didn’t understand the random site note, but I agree with the most of your comment.

    The Nazis just become to the forefront, when germans big industry and capitalist decided to support Hitler. He promised them on a meeting in Düsseldorf in 1932 to smash the labor unions and communist. For their profit they decided to support Hitler and support the NSDAP with a lot of money for their propaganda. Also the national-conservatives supports the Nazis, because they saw in them a partner against communists, socialists and (!) democracy. On the one hand it’s true that the worst economic situation in Germany was a big help for the Nazis, but it was also the help of industrials and conservatives. Also parts the USA and UK support or tolerate the Nazis in the beginning, because of their anti-communist direction.

    After World War 2 the industrials don’t got big punishments and they were very soon amnestied to built up West-Germany against – suprise – communists.

    With this comment I don’t want show any sympathy for Stalin or the orthodox-communists. I just want to show the double moral standard of the so called “free world”.

  4. As far as the random side note, it’s just referencing the classic flame war over the “proper” way to abbreviate the term function: func or funk. I think the second one is even more fun considering the double entende.

    I agree entirely with the industrialist issue. The US went through great pains to avoid getting involved in WWII. There was just too much money to be made. It took the attack on Pearl Harbor to finally convince America to get off its non-involved ass. It’s important to remember, though, that this was the start of Team America: World Police. Not getting involved early enough once is not an excuse to start preemptively attacking everyone.

    Makes you wonder what (if anything) “free world” ever meant.

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