Mugshot & Final Fantasy XII

Work and FF XII have been distracting me, but I’ve built Mugshot packages (version 1.1.24) for amd64 and i386 under edgy. Currently I’m running low on hard drive space, so I don’t have the room to setup dapper i386 and amd64 chroots. Kimberly is currently running dapper on i386 and has graciously volunteered to build packages for that environment. So sometime this weekend the dapper repository should reappear.

I’ve rebased the packages off of Heikki Henriksen’s Debian packages. There are four patches: one to enable compilation with dbus 0.60 (will be needed for Kimberly’s dapper builds), one to build against the firefox-nspr package, one to prevent the script from being installed, and one to fix compilation against the firefox-dev package.

For those of you looking for the sources.list lines for the edgy repository, here they are:

    deb edgy main
    deb-src edgy main

Just to warn you, I haven’t had a chance to test the i386 builds yet. That will be tomorrow. Hopefully, they’ll work correctly :).

On the Final Fantasy XII front, the Final Fantasy fanboy in me hates the new combat system (best Final Fantasy game ever: VI (III in the US), best game ever Chrono Trigger (yes, I know that’s heresy)). Though on reflection, the coder in me loves the Gambit system. They really remind me of Dijkstra guarded functions. And for playability, I have to conceed that the combat system eliminates the tedium of pressing X all of the time in monster encounters, but preserves the strategerizing involved in boss battles. It’s growing on me. We’ll see how I feel after I acquire Espers and Quickenings…


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