Mugshot 1.1.26

Mugshot 1.1.26 packages are now available for edgy amd64 and i386. Dapper packages should be on the way soon. For those of you experiencing random crashes, those should just automagically go away now (upstream fix regarding signal handlers). If you’ve had problems with the icon showing up in the notification tray, thanks to a suggestion from Michael R. Head, that should be fixed as well (gtk-update-icon-cache is run as part of the postinst now).


8 thoughts on “Mugshot 1.1.26

  1. Sweet. Thanks for the post!

    Does the firefox plugin work OK for you? I’m not sure it’s working right for me. When I click on mugshot:// links, I get a popup telling me it doesn’t have a handler for that sort of URL. At the same time, I do get to see a list of who’s looking at web swarms

  2. Hi, I’ve been trying to download mugshot from your rep, I have dapper, followed the instructions also with the key but when I apt-get install mugshot it says that there are no installation candidates for mugshot.
    Let me know if you can, thanks

  3. Luca – the dapper build isn’t in the repository yet. I don’t have the hard drive space for the chroot’s so Kimberly has been building the dapper builds. As soon as she gets a chance to build this version, I’ll add it to the repo.

    Michael – Don’t really know. Since I don’t use firefox, I never really play with the extension at all. Kimberly is a firefox user, so once she’s got the dapper build done, I’ll ask her to take a look at it.

  4. Yeah. That’s part of the reason I don’t have much hope for this getting into universe for feisty. There’s just so many (incompatible) upgrades. Maybe once things stabelize a bit more…

  5. Yeah. I’ve had issues with running out of space on the web server before, though. However, I’m thinking that in the future if I don’t have updated builds, I’ll just leave the old version in. 1.1.27 for dapper isn’t even built yet. šŸ™‚ By this weekend 1.1.28 should be in for edgy (amd64, i386) and dapper (i386). The 1.1.27 sources are in the dapper repository, so if you want to build the binary package yourself, it should work fine.

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