Labatt Helps Kids; Bear Nowhere To Be Found

Via Fark:

“Yesterday, Mr. Labatt — the great-grandson of John Labatt, founder of the Labatt brewery — and his wife Sonia gave Sick Kids $30-million, $25-million of which is to establish the Labatt Family Heart Centre, and $5-million for the Arthur and Sonia Labatt Brain Tumour Research Centre.

It is the largest gift the Labatts have made. They donated $10-million in 1997 to establish the brain-tumour centre.

The $25-million is also the largest philanthropic gift ever made for children’s cardiac medicine and research in North America, the hospital said yesterday.”

My favorite beer is Labatt Blue. I got hooked on it while living out in Rochester, NY (I really miss the 24 cases of bottles). It makes me feel like a humanitarian (in a Sarah Silverman sort of way 🙂 ) to know that I’m sacrificing my liver to save small children. Sick Kids gets millions in donation from Labatts


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