Mugshot on Feisty

Since there’s been some interest expressed in building mugshot on feisty, I’ve added feisty as a dist in the repository. The apt lines for feisty users are:

deb feisty main

deb-src feisty main

Note: there are no feisty binary packages in the repository as of yet. Any intrepid feisty users who want to try and build the package can take a look at these instructions for building mugshot.


Thanks again to Michael, there are now feisty i386 packages available.


5 thoughts on “Mugshot on Feisty

  1. I’ve been using the edgy packages as is without any problem on feisty. Still, since there might as well be a feisty repo, I’ve put the feisty i386 packages up at (snag the the i386 packages, the ppc packages are edgy builds).

    I built them this way:
    First I put:
    deb feisty main
    deb-src feisty main
    into my /etc/apt/sources.list (replacing my old lines)

    $ cd /tmp
    $ sudo apt-get build-dev mugshot
    $ fakeroot apt-get -b mugshot

    I think the packages may not be perfect because in the changes file, the Distribution: line still says edgy, but that probably requires a change in the debian/changelog parts of the diff.gz file.


  2. I’ve updated the repository with the feisty packages. Don’t worry about the line in the changes file – that’s to be expected (and yes, you’re right – it requires a change to debian/changelog).

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