Mugshot 1.1.37

This release sees the addition of libpcre3-dev as a build dependency. For anyone wondering what versions are available for which distributions / architectures, here’s a little chart:


Thanks again to Keywan and Michael, we have new packages for edgy powerpc and both feisty i386 and powerpc. For anyone wondering, even though Ubuntu has dropped official support on the desktop for powerpc / feisty, as long as people are willing to continue building packages, I’m more than happy to host them. The updated distribution / architecture snapshot is below:

	->  dists
		->  dapper
			* 1.1.32 (src i386)
			* 1.1.37 (src)
		->  edgy
			* 1.1.37 (src amd64 i386 powerpc)
		->  feisty
			* 1.1.37 (src i386 powerpc)

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