Mugshot 1.1.40

1.1.40 is now in the repository for amd64 and i386 edgy. As always, additional builds are welcome. Notable changes include:

1. Added libgnomevfs2-dev and libgnome-desktop-dev as build dependencies.

2. There’s a Quit option (finally)! Yay!

Now if only mugshot would respect my DPI settings… Ah well. It is free software afterall. I could fix it myself. Or I could whine and be lazy. We’ll see which one wins out in the end.


3 thoughts on “Mugshot 1.1.40

  1. On my home machine I run at a ridiculous resolution (2048X1536) with a DPI of 150×150. On my work laptop, it’s only 1024×768 (DPI 85×85 I think). On the work machine, everything looks fine. But the fonts on the home machine are completely unreadable. If mugshot respected gnome’s (or even X’s) dpi settings, the problem would go away. I’m just not sure where to start digging in the code to find the problem.

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