Minor Mugshot Update

I’ve done a minor update to the 1.1.40 mugshot packages in that I’ve re-synced with Heikki Henriksen’s debian packages. The only changes have to do with minor alterations in order to abide by the Mugshot trademark guidelines. Edgy i386 and amd64 are up, as well as source for dapper / edgy / feisty.


6 thoughts on “Minor Mugshot Update

  1. Sorry I haven’t gotten around to updating packages yet. I’m running feisty on my machines now (did a reinstall instead of an upgrade – namely because it doesn’t seem like I need a 32-bit chroot for anything yet). So I’m learning to use pbuilder. I’ve been planning on sitting down and modifying the script to do multiple release / multiple arch’s all at once.

    On top of that, both kimberly and I have been up to something completely unrelated… Hopefully something we can share with everyone soon.

    As far as Big Board goes…

    I’m not sure I really want to insert myself into the Big Board / Gimmie arguments. Neither seems to be (and I’m sure the authors have no problem admitting this) a true panel replacement yet. But after I get the pbuilder stuff working, I might end up changing my mind. If anyone else has interest in putting Big Board into the repository, let me know. Convince me. 🙂

  2. Cool. No rush, just wanted to mention it.

    If you get pbuilder working, I hope you will post instructions like you did for setting up a signed repository. I may need to set something like that up at school soon…

    RE: Big Board vs. Gimmie, at least Gimmie is in the repository so we can try it! Big Board is currently unavailable to Ubuntu users that prefer binary packages. Big Board is also less of a panel replacement than Gimmie is, so there’s less cost (in terms of reconfiguring the desktop) in using it.

    Of course, packaging anything up takes a significant amount of work, and it’s not all that interesting. Still, it would be cool to be able to try big board out and have dpkg around to purge it when done.

  3. Thanks for your efforts on this. I got it installed and apparently working OK but i had some trouble with doing this “securely” as per http://developer.mugshot.org/wiki/Downloads

    Added to “/etc/apt/sources.list”:
    Mugshot repos start

    deb http://www.nighton.net/ feisty main
    deb-src http://www.nighton.net/ feisty main
    Mugshot repos end

    “sudo apt-get update” reported errors, principally this one:
    Reading package lists…
    W: GPG error: http://www.nighton.net feisty Release: The following signatures couldn’t be verified because the public key is not available: NO_PUBKEY BB71D6FC2AF96BF6

    Of course, that broke the conditional “&& sudo apt-get install mugshot” instructed at developer.mugshot.org and running install manually returned this warning:
    WARNING: The following packages cannot be authenticated!

    In any case, thanks again!

  4. You have to make sure http://www.nighton.net/nighton_key.asc is added to your keyring.

    In Synaptic:

    Settings -> Repositories -> Authentication

    Then click on Import Key File. Choose nighton_key.asc from wherever you saved it on your hard drive. That should make the errors go away. Hopefully I’ll get some time this weekend to package up the new version (haven’t forgotten, just been very busy).

  5. As a related side note, I need to get my rear down to one of the Chicago LoCo meetings so I can get that put in a public repository and signed by some people. It’s on the “todo list.” 🙂

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