Happy Birthday To Me

Happy birthday to me. I’m officially 25 (well, give it two hours) – which in the US means I’ve finally crossed two barriers:

1. No more hassle in renting a car.

2. My parents’ income doesn’t matter on my FAFSA.

The latter doesn’t much matter considering grad student status does the same thing. So it’s only number 1 I’m really celebrating. It looks like my mid-life crisis (a.k.a. age 40) is the next big milestone to look forward to.

On a mugshot sidenote, I’ve been playing around with getting all of the nifty new application information working. It’s very hackish so far (which is why I haven’t inflicted it on anyone yet), but I’m managing to make some progress. If anyone can give me pointers on good ways to hook into the nifty package install progress bar that update-manager and synaptic use, I’d be grateful. Otherwise, I’ll try to come up with something. For some reason, it only appears to work in firefox. I’m guessing this has something (possibly) to do with the canvas widget and how epiphany is built. I’m not going to worry overly much about it at this point – I’m planning on upgrading to Feisty when it is officially released (looks like it missed by birthday by two days!).

Also, I’m considering deprecating the dapper packages. While it is still a supported release, I haven’t received any new builds for a while. On the other hand, I could always learn how to use pbuilder / buy myself some new hard drives. I haven’t really come to a conclusion yet. Anyone who’s reading, feel free to list your release / architecture combination in the comments so I can get a feel of what all is out there.

If you feel like celebrating with me, go to the nearest Irish (or approximately Irish) pub and drink a shot of irish whiskey for me. No, I’m not Irish (I think), but it seems to be the celebratory thing to do around these parts. 🙂


One thought on “Happy Birthday To Me

  1. Hi David,

    unfortunately one day late, but I want to wish you Happy Birthday and a good new year. The next milestone is far away, so just relax. 😀

    Best wishes,


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