A Bit of a Rant…

Well, I’ve finally got my pbuilder environment updated. It’s far easier than it used to be. The package ubuntu-dev-tools contains a wonderful pbuilder-dist script that handles most of the details (though I had to modify it some – removing some quotes around arguments to get it to work for me under gutsy). And I promise that guide is coming! It’ll be far shorter now, which I think is a good thing. But when trying to update the Mugshot packages, I ran into a bit of a hitch. I wanted to be sure to base them off of Heikki’s packages. Unfortunately, svn.debian.org kept timing out for me. So I did the responsible thing and logged onto the Debian IRC channel to make sure it was just me. Turns out it is – still not sure why. Contrary to many Ubuntu users’ beliefs, they were incredibly helpful and supportive. However…

There’s always the catch, isn’t there?

Of course, there was the initial “Why can’t Ubuntu users tell the difference between Debian and Ubuntu?” bit. But when I explained what I was trying to do, that went away. Other users tried, and they got in fine. In fact, I started to have a great conversation with one of the users. He (or she – it’s IRC, I don’t know) and I were discussing some of our experiences with different distros. A bit of a bonding moment (which I believe the Ubuntu and Debian communities need more of). Of course, within barely a minute we were cut off by a moderator of the channel. Now, I realize they were just doing their job. After all, a Debian support channel isn’t the appropriate forum for having a personal conversation. But what about community? There needs to be some balance. Rules and regulations are all fine and good, but with some discrimination. Especially considering the recent bad attitudes of Debian vs. Ubuntu. Next time I run into a problem with Debian, am I going to use their support channels? No. What if it effects more than just me?

As a side note, I did apologize for my breach of conduct. But with that said, I’ve never experienced that degree of rudeness with the Ubuntu community. Considering we’re the corporate whores, you would think we’d end up being the jackasses. Maybe it’s the code of conduct, maybe it’s the social contract, maybe it’s just community norms, but I can’t help but wish we could all get along better.

End rant.

If anyone wants to give feedback (especially Debian community members – please, if I’ve offended you, let me know!) feel free.


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