Mugshot on Hardy

At the reqeust of alex_mayorga, I’ve built hardy packages for both i386 and amd64. These haven’t been tested, so they may not work, break your system, etc. I did notice what appeared to be some non-fatal linker errors, but without a chroot or another install, again, I can’t really test them. Any reports of problems would be helpful. The repository line is:

deb hardy main

Also, I was wondering if there’s alot of interest in having me try and build packages for all of the OnlineDesktop components. I’ve got to do some research first to make sure I’m not duplicating work, and even then I can’t make any promises. But if there is enough interest, I’ll definitely look into it.


8 thoughts on “Mugshot on Hardy

  1. A big thankyou for packaging mugshot!
    Since upgrading to Hardy(and hardy mugshot packages), mugshot is having issues connecting. It just sits in the tray, greyed out and in a disconnected state. Any ideas?

    Packaging the rest of OnlineDesktop would rock.

  2. As a first step, I’d try bringing up Firefox and logging into the mugshot website manually (while mugshot is running). However, there may be larger underlying problems. I haven’t had the opportunity to test mugshot under hardy.

    As for the rest of OnlineDesktop, I’ve been exchanging emails with Heikki (who has been packaging mugshot for Debian) and it turns out that there is a group of Debian developers who are doing just that. The primary goal right now is to get all of this into Debian, and then Ubuntu can sync against that. If anyone is interested in keeping an eye on the progress or lending a helping hand, feel free to check out

  3. I tried your packages and also experience the grayed out icon, it says “Mugshot (disconnected – will try reconnecting in a few)” when I hover the pointer over it, if I right click it and click “My Mugshot home page” it would take me to the right page, but I guess that’s because I’m logged in Firefox.

    Thanks a bunch on the package, the first ping back to my blog and on looking into bringing OnlineDesktop to Ubuntu. Let me know on how to proceed filing a “official” book report or where to look to try to figure it out myself.

  4. Hi David,

    Yes, there is interest in having you try to build the rest of the Gnome Online Desktop stack. I’d like to see Big Board for amd64 using Gutsy and soon, Hardy. I don’t expect you to do my bidding of course, I’m just responding to your request for information đŸ™‚

    A big thank you for making the Mugshot applet available.



  5. I used your ‘mugshot’ package and having same problem as alex_mayorga. I think your mugshot is using firefox-2, whereas firefox-3 is default on hardy. Though, there have been no problems like this on gutsy.


  6. First off, apologies to everyone. I haven’t had the time I thought I would to work on alot of these issues post-defense. Onto the questions:

    John – I’m hoping to have more time to work on that after this week. It’s fascinating, it looks fun, but in the end paying rent takes a priority.

    Ashish and AndrĂ© – It probably goes back to the linker errors I was talking about earlier. I think Ashish is right about ABI changes between firefox-2 and firefox-3 (a bit more complicated, but that seems like a good summary). We’ve got new versions of Mugshot and I also plan on upgrading to hardy (again, hopefully this week). Once I’ve got the pbuilder stuff sorted out for hardy as well as doing the diff to the package against the new sources, everything might just magically work. If not, at least I should have a better idea of what’s going wrong. Well, that, and being pissed off it doesn’t work on my own machine. đŸ™‚

    In short – sorry I’ve been away, but I haven’t forgotten.

  7. I just installed mugshot on hardy, but It sits in the menu with no activity after I click on it.

    When I type mugshot on a terminal it says:
    Can’t connect to session message bus: Failed to execute dbus-launch to autolaunch D-Bus session.

    Just in case.

    BTW: Do you know how to unlink a mugshot user (and email address) with a facebook account?

    Thaks in advance.

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