Upgrading the iPhone under VMWare Workstation 7

Well, 7.1.3 build-324285 to be exact. This drove me nuts. Luckily, the internets came to the rescue and I was able to finally successfully upgrade my iPhone’s firmware under VMWare running atop maverick. What internets? These internets:


Yeah. A simple rmmod took care of everything once I knew to do it. However, after I did that I wasn’t able to mount the phone to restore my ringtones. To the cloud!


That ppa plus the whole idevicepair let me get the iPhone mounting under Ubuntu again.

I figured I’d collect all this in one place considering I’ll probably forget all about it once the next iFirmware is released. God, do I need a new phone. Thinking about doing a Nexus S with T-Mobile after my AT&T contract is up. Lock-in sucks.


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