Bacon time

It looks like I’ve squared away most of the font issues.  There may still be some lurking corner cases.  Again, if you see something, let me know.   As of now, the fonts should be largish – filling most of a line of the legal pad.  The heading to a post should pretty much fill the entire thing.  If anything looks way too small like it did before – that’s a bug.

As for bacon – yep, got some defrosted in the fridge.  Breakfast for dinner time.  🙂

It’s a brand new day

And a brand new theme. Also, a migration of blog hosting. There’s bound to be some breakage. I’m going to be sifting through posts for a while updating links and such (or at least mentioning where they’re no longer valid).  If any particular things are bothering you, let me know!

Speaking of bothering… I’ve got to spend some time dealing with cross-platform issues soon.  The font handling in particular bugs the crap out of me on my iPhone.  But I figured getting it out there sooner rather than later would help motivate me to address such issues.  Release early, release often and all that jazz.

Been away a while…

And hoping to get back involved. Question: anyone still interested in Mugshot? Frankly, I’m not. Eh. I think it was a wonderful idea at the time, but things like Twitter (@nighton if you’re interested) seem to be all the rage. Though I have to admit, Transmageddon has me excited enough to dig into coding. LOTS of stuff has been going on in my life lately that has been very good. But I feel a sense of guilt at just abandoning all of the people who’ve been helping get Mugshot out there to Ubuntu users. Please, PLEASE, let me know how you feel in the comments (even if it is “I want to stab you!”).

Just A Reminder About My Public Key

No, it’s not in one of those public auto-checkable thingies (I need to get around to doing this as well as getting it signed by others), but a public key IS available.

It’s at

After you download it, go System -> Administration -> Software Sources.

Click the Authentication tab. Click Import Key File, select nighton_key.asc from wherever you downloaded it to. After that, you should stop getting any error messages about the lack of a key.

Alternatively, you can use this quick one-liner in a terminal:

wget -q -O- | sudo apt-key add - && sudo apt-get update

Hope that helps!

(This was brought to my attention by a blog post from Andre Gondim.)

Mugshot 1.1.58 Builds (gutsy) For Powerpc

Thanks (once again) to prometoys, there are now powerpc builds for gutsy available in the repository.

As a side note, after chatting with Heikki Henriksen about the work for Mugshot on Debian, I agree completely that our first priority should be to get all of the Online Desktop packages into Debian first, and then worry about Ubuntu syncing against that. Heikki’s work has greatly simplified my life especially considering I’m new to this whole Debian / Ubuntu packaging thing. If you’re interested in tracking the progress or even better want to lend a helping hand, you can keep up to date at

Mugshot 1.1.58

The latest version of Mugshot is now available in the repositories. As always, ppc builds for gutsy and hardy are welcome. Also, as always, no guarantees that your machine won’t become self-aware and decide to wipe out the human race (and yes, I am looking forward to watching The Sarah Connor Chronicles tonight). Hopefully the hardy users will have a bit more luck with this build, but I’m not holding my breath. I need to do some more digging to see how the underlying libraries have changed in order to figure out exactly what is going on. If you have any bug reports, suggestions, etc. while using these packages, feel free to drop me a line. I’d hate to bother the Mugshot developers with something I managed to screw up.

Remember, there is “no fate but what we make.”


Mugshot on Hardy

At the reqeust of alex_mayorga, I’ve built hardy packages for both i386 and amd64. These haven’t been tested, so they may not work, break your system, etc. I did notice what appeared to be some non-fatal linker errors, but without a chroot or another install, again, I can’t really test them. Any reports of problems would be helpful. The repository line is:

deb hardy main

Also, I was wondering if there’s alot of interest in having me try and build packages for all of the OnlineDesktop components. I’ve got to do some research first to make sure I’m not duplicating work, and even then I can’t make any promises. But if there is enough interest, I’ll definitely look into it.

Mugshot 1.1.56

I was able to get on today, so I’ve built new packages. They’re rebased off of Heikki’s packages, yet again. Alot of great work has been done on separating out the components and simplifying things overall. I’m grateful as it’s made my life easier. If you’ve been using the firefox extension, take note: it is now in a separate package named firefox-mugshot. There is also a dev package available as well. I’ve got i386 and amd64 builds available for gutsy. If you’ve been using the repository, change feisty to gutsy in your repository list. If you have any problems with the packages, please let me know!